Julie D. Wirtz, Kauai Wedding Officiant
(Licensed Hawaii Marriage Performer on Kauai)
Kauai Weddings, Civil Unions, Vow Renewals, Elopements, Civil Style Marriages
Serving all of Kauai, including Lihue, Kapaa, Hanalei, Princeville, Koloa, Poipu, Waimea

Julie Wirtz, Humanist Minister (atheist, agnostic, freethinker, non-religious)

Kauai Officiant / Secular Celebrant
Frequently Asked Questions
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Regarding Weddings, Vow Renewals
Funerals and other Events on Kauai


Q. When will the sun set (or rise) on my wedding day on Kauai?

A. Here is a link that shows the sunset and sunrise each day on Kauai:



Q. What will the weather be like on Kauai while we are there?

A. Check these links:
Poipu Weather
Kapaa Weather
Princeville Weather


Q. When is the best time for a beach wedding on Kauai?

A. Most photographers suggest an hour or two before sunset or the hour of dawn for best light for photos. At those times, the beaches are usually less crowded and the sun is not so hot and bright.

Keep in mind that the sun sets in the West, so if you are hoping to watch the sun go down after your wedding, choose a west-facing beach, or make allowances for the timing if the sun will actually set behind the mountains.

Opposite goes for a sunrise wedding - the sun rises over the ocean for east facing beaches - though sometimes there is a cloud bank on the horizon (especially in winter) and the sun doesn't peek out until above the clouds. It's all beautiful - each sunrise and sunset is different!

Q. Who gets the beach permit for weddings on the beaches of Kauai?

A. Usually the wedding officiant or wedding planner, who ever is responsible for the wedding party while on the beach. In most cases, it's me who gets the beach permit. In rare cases when a couple also chooses to have a wedding coordinator handle the ceremony portion as well, then the coordinator will get the permit. (It's included in my rate, so most planners take advantage of my willingness to get the permit!)


Q. How long does the average wedding ceremony last?

A. Well, a super short wedding service could be 5-7 minutes, a little more leisurely service might be 7-12 minutes long, and a formal ceremony with a procession, recession and so on might be 12-20 minutes long. It's rare to have an Island Wedding Ceremony last longer than 20 minutes, but I did one that was 55 minutes long, at the couple's request... that's a loooong time to stand in the hot sun!


Q. Is there a discounted rate for Kama'aina?

A. Yes, I do offer discounts for couples who live/work on Kauai.


Q. We already had a big wedding like ceremony for our Commitment or Civil Union, so we just want to sign the paperwork for a legal marriage. Can you help us with that?

A. Yes, I'm happy to simply sign the paperwork for a legal marriage if that's all you need. As long as it doesn't end up becoming a full wedding, we can just sit down somewhere and I can hear your marriage vows and sign the marriage license.


Q. Is there a way we can see photos of the beaches we are considering?

A. Yes, not only do I have hundreds of photos I can share with you, there is a website that shows and describes many of the beaches I mention.


Q. Are there Waterfall Locations that allow weddings on Kauai?

A. Yes, there are several that are on private property, so a site fee is required, plus a few that are on public land where a hike is involved, if you are adventurous.


Q. May we take our leis and sand home as keepsakes?

A. Yes, as long as you present them for inspection at the airport.
Here is a list of what you can and can't take - and the procedures for flying with these items.


Q. We're on the fence about paying for photography, do you have any amateur options?

A. Yes, I can take photos of you before and after the wedding with your camera, no charge.

Alternatively, I can bring my consumer grade DSLR camera and do some before and after photography, just not during the ceremony portion. I would lightly edit and share those photos with you via Dropbox and/or Facebook within a day or two.
$150 for this option.

Alternatively, I can bring along a friend to take photos with a consumer grade DSLR camera for before, during and after ceremony photos, and they would be shared via Dropbox and/or Facebook.
$250 for this option.


Q. What is the difference between a Marriage and Civil Union?

A. A civil union offers many of the same benefits as marriage, but only at the State Level, not a Federal Level or Global Level, so a Civil Union will not affect your taxes, nor is transferrable to other states. Since Same Sex Marriage is legal in all 50 states, very few people get a Civil Union anymore, unless they simply want a formal commitment without changing their federal tax status. Civil Unions are open to all same sex or opposite sex.

For more information regarding the difference between Hawaii Civil Union and Hawaii Marriage, please see these links:



Q. Can you suggest restaurants and activities for us?

A. I can and I even can offer some discounts for some activities, but your best bet is to use the guidebooks and Yelp to help you find restaurants and activities near you.

Yelp, if you are unfamiliar is at Yelp.com

The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook is available in paper version everywhere on the island.
There is also an app if you travel with your tablet or smart phone for about the same price as the book.

There's a great new website that shows most of the community events on Kauai:
The Kauai Events Calendar can help you find activities during your stay.


Still adding more questions/answers.... have lots more to include as time allows.


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